Match Duration:

All matches are 10 minutes long. In the event of a match reaching the time limit, a single round of EBI overtime will be used, with each athlete given a chance to be the attacker, to decide who the victor shall be.

Overtime Start Positions:

Armbar: The person attacking with the armbar will position their legs over their opponent’s neck and chest in an armbar position. They will vine one of their arms inside the defending opponents grip and grab their own thigh. The person who has their arm caught must escape before being submitted.

Back: The person taking the back starts with an over/under, seatbelt grip. The person who has their back taken must escape before being submitted.

Experience Divisions:


  • Novice: 0-2 years training in BJJ (White Belt), Judo, Wrestling, Sambo etc
  • Intermediate: 2-4 years training in BJJ (Blue Belt), Judo, Wrestling, Sambo etc
  • Elite: 4+ years training in BJJ (Purple, Brown and Black Belt), Judo, Wrestling, Sambo, Professional MMA fighters must fight in the Elite Division.

Weight classes:


  • -65kg Featherweight
  • -70kg Lightweight
  • -77kg Welterweight
  • -85kg Middleweight
  • -93kg Light-heavyweight
  • +93kg Heavyweight


  • -55kg Flyweight
  • -60kg Featherweight
  • +60kg Lightweight


Rashguards must be worn by all competitors. No bare-chests or loose t-shirts.

Board shorts, vale tudo shorts or spats. Shorts can not have rivets, zippers or pockets where a foot, toe or finger can get caught in.

Sportsmanship and Disqualification:

The following will lead to immediate disqualification by the referee.

  • The use of foul language, cursing, or other immoral acts of disrespect towards the referee or any of the assisting public.
  • Biting, hair pulling, putting fingers into the eyes or nose of one’s opponent, intentionally seeking to injure genitalia or the use of fists, feet, knees, elbows, or heads with the intention to hurt or gain unfair advantage.

SUB//ZERO will be fully enforcing a zero-tolerance rule of disrespecting, threatening with physical violence, verbally abusing referees or cursing at referees for the entirety of the event. If any coach, parent, friend or competitor verbally or physically threatens a referee in any shape or form, they will be escorted out of the venue by security with no refund.

If a competitor breaks any of the rules after officially being warned or blatantly attempts to hurt their opponent, shows bad sportsmanship, or slams their opponent illegally, they will lose the match by DQ, immediately with no refund.

No cursing or foul language is allowed at any time during the event.
If any competitor curses publicly or directly at the referee or their opponent, the ref has full discretion on whether the competitor should receive a warning or be DQ’ed. If the competitor is DQ’ed for this it is for the entirety of the tournament. This means they may not compete in any other divisions that day.

The decisions of the referees and Tournament Officials are 100% FINAL.

Legal Techniques: